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– GIRAN® project (Global Indoor Radio Access Network)

With the support of the Federico II University Politecnico in Naples, the research activity on specific topics of the Universities of Genoa and Ancona, as well as of some specialised companies, we have engaged all the engineers and technical specialists working in the company to develop the INDOOR environment radio coverage project.

Starting from the ‘Maxwell equation’, from the characteristics of the various types of buildings and from the frequencies used for radio (licensed) and the Wi-Fi (non-licensed), we have developed mathematical and SW models to ensure a predetermined level of the quality of the Radio coverage (electromagnetic field) inside differentkinds of buildings by obtaining the optimal positioning of the radiant elements minimising their number and ensuring their‘confinement’ in the perimeter of the building.

Also, with the support of a specialised company, we have developed a unique antenna supporting mobile radio frequencies and Wi-Fi.

The project was co-funded by national and European MISE funds (PIA).

– WIST project (Wireless Indoor Simulation Tool)

Following the conclusion of the‘GIRAN’project, we moved an evolving step into the mathematical model with its relevant Sw to calculate the ‘field’ values ​​in the third dimension and not just on a two-dimensional base on the various floors of the building as determined by the GIRAN. This is to be able to determine the exact distribution of the field in the various volumes of the building under examination.

The project was co-funded by Campania regional funds.

– EELSIA project (Energy Efficiency Large Scale Integrated Approach)

With the support of the University of Ferrara and of some of the industry’s leading operators, we have developed a project that proposes an innovative approach on energy saving on a ‘large scale’with the help of some original Sw which are the result of a period of extensive research and evaluation of complex data.

The ultimate goal is to determine for any type of building, depending on the demand for electricity, heat and refrigeration, the primary energy savings obtained through the use, the integration and the advancement of the available technologies.

The use of Sw allows you to process a large number of cases at very low costs and provides reliable data for the formulation of a draft plan and of a first determination of the obtainable savings.

The project was co-financed by FIT funds (MISE)


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