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It is the latest generation of Siat activities in the energy sector: we are confident, and we truly believe in the industrial, social and environmental validity ofenergy efficiency as we are convinced we can do the same things we do today, though saving the 30-40% of energy: this, applied on a large scale, equals to a large ‘renewable’ energy resource.

It is precisely in this latter direction that Siat has developed an important R & D project co-financed by the FIT funds (National and European).

Description of the services offered:

  • Energy audit (1)

o Preliminary acquisition of the existing technical and economic data

o Preliminary assessment of the technical-economic feasibility

o Energy analysis inspection for energy usage and management modes

o Sensor monitoring (temperature, brightness, user flows etc.)

o Identification of areas of intervention and main project with indication of spending cuts and investment costs

  • Design and production

o Executive project based on customer specific needs and definitive calculation of the energy spending reduction

o Complete turnkey set up with performance assurance

o Final testing and commissioning

  • Maintenance

o Operations & Maintenance agreement related to the invested capital return time.

On large scale activities, the EELSIA methodology (see. R&D “Activities”)  is available, drastically reducing the costs of the preliminary phase.


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