After the major investments in the copper network which took place back in the 1980s, we are now experiencing the dawn of the great development of the fiber optic network (FTTx).

Siat is a pioneer in its field; having long been qualified as a ‘Network Company’, it is devoting increasing resources and energies to the design, production and testing of fiber optic networks.

  • Design and construction of infrastructures (excavation, laying and restoration).
  • Fiber optic network design.
  • Fiber or copper cable laying, junction and testing.
  • Delivery services for xDSL, Router, FTTCab, 2Mbit, Gigabit Ethernet, etc.
  • Assurance (fault repairs).
  • Maintenance of copper and/or fiber networks.


  • FTTH networks: ongoing projects in Rome, Brescia, Palermo, Naples and Padua.
  • Design and production of new fiber optic access lines for Companies, Groups, Institutes, P.A., Institutions.
  • Fiber optic access lines for HD video surveillance: Rome – ‘Jubilee Project’.
  • Fiber optic network Infrastructures for Infratel.
  • Dedicated projects for large customers.


Our Customers

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